About us


Youth Seen’s Mission:

The mission of the Youth Seen is to foster and empower the social and emotional well-being of youth in all communities, including rural communities, in the Colorado area.

Youth Seen’s Vision​:

Youth Seen envisions a society where young people are empowered as individuals to access non-judgmental and unbiased treatment in every aspect of their lives. We encourage the creative creation of a community that celebrates everyone’s worth, diverse characteristics and dignity.

Our organization wishes to work with our communities and stand as a leader in our local Colorado area, and beyond, for establishing partnerships with groups who specifically tailor their resources, education and outreach to youth and young LGBTQI community.

Call or text Youth Seen anytime at 970.462.7498 or email us, info@youthseen.org!


Working together with TYES to support queer and transgender youth and their families!

Youth Seen has joined forces with established organization TYES of Colorado! TYES (Trans-Youth Education & Support) has supported all gender expansive children and their families for over a decade.

Dedicated to helping parents support their gender expansive children through information, resources, and the understanding that they need, TYES works with all families and their children.

TYES’ Mission: 
TYES empowers and supports families, and caregivers, of gender expansive youth by providing resources, education, outreach, and advocacy, in order to create supportive environments that allow youth to experience the joy of authenticity.

TYES Meetings:

Our meetings offer parents a supportive forum to discuss the social, educational, and medical needs of their child, and to explore the journey to acceptance and celebration of each child’s unique gender expression. In addition to monthly face-to-face meetings, our families benefit from connecting with others via our Facebook group and list serve to support those who may not be able to join us in person. The online connections are invaluable and help families find and support one another. We also offer guest speakers and educational, mental health & medical resources.

January 24, 2018