2024 Camp Dates: July 20th- July 27th

Camper Registration  

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Camp Details:

Our camp is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains just an hour south of Denver. The camp has 61 acres that offer a mix of alpine, prairie, and riparian ecosystems. There are trails to explore and plenty of space to create memories. CampSeen will give your child the opportunity to meet other LGBTQ kids like themselves in a safe environment, free of the judgments and expectations of the outside world. We are a community free of electronics like cell phones, so that campers are focused on interacting with one another in a natural setting. Our staff of committed counselors are dedicated to ensuring that your child has the time of their lives, focusing on the areas of independence, friendship, and belonging.

We will have an amazing kitchen staff that will produce hot fresh and amazingly tasty meals. There will be options for meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, and for folx who are gluten free. We will label allergens clearly for all meals. Once you have registered, the follow up from registration will give you an opportunity to list any dietary restrictions you may have.

Our cabins have a rustic feel and will be self-determined age groups and gender identity by our youth who will be registering. There are two main bathrooms that are gender expansive that have single toilets and shower stalls. Both bathrooms have electricity, hot water, and locks. 

What you can expect for your child:

Making the choice to send your teenager to camp is a big one. In a world that is increasingly dependent on making connections through cell phones and the internet, CampSeen is a great way to help your child make a strong social connection with other kids their age. We strive to build a safe and supportive community that allows LGBTQ youth to connect with each other on a deeper level.

Cost of Camp

We have worked very hard to keep the costs low for our campers. Tuition for our campers does not cover the entire cost of camp; however, it is important for this space to be created for our young ones and for it to be accessible. The cost for camp is $3000 for the week, this should not be a hurdle for our youth and if assistance is needed, please reach out.


Tuition for our campers is being raised by generous community members, our board and the staff of Youth Seen. No camper will be turned away from CampSeen.

Scholarships are available!

At the end of the registration form there will be a question for scholarship access, if applying, follow up information will be sent with the acknowledgement email from registration.

Transportation to Camp

Once you have registered and have been fully accepted into camp, more information on drop-off locations, times and date will be given in your welcome packet.

What to Bring to Camp

When you register and have been accepted to camp, we will send you our welcome packet, which will include all the important information – including your packing list. It will include things like bedding, enough clothes for the week, sunscreen, a flashlight, and comfort items like stuffed animals or noise cancelling headphones. 

After Registration

Once you register your youth for camp, you can expect an email within 24 hours that it has been received. 


We are looking forward to a great week at CampSeen!


Some things to know about Camp

If we think about it, camp is literally around the corner. There are so many details to be looked over and adventures to be planned. As we are getting all the things together – we wanted to give anyone who is visiting the site some more information about what we are doing at and for camp.


As you know, camp is expensive on both ends. Sometimes, there is an individual or business that has the ability to give funds that support community efforts that may align with their mission. If this describes you please email us at campseen [ at]

Donate to the Camp Scholarship Fund

Any size contribution helps, all of the spare change and little parts help with the overall fund.


June 2, 2018