Our Mental Health Providers

All of our clinicians are trained professionals. We offer a peer mentor support network. Our network of counselors are knowledgeable on several areas of support including mental health counseling, gender affirming support and family counseling.

Dr. Tara Jae, MFA

Empowerment to live confidently in your identities begins with a trusting relationship. My work is to guide, mentor, and support you in your process of learning, unlearning and using your own strength and wisdom. I specialize in decolonizing, centering and affirming the experiences of people of color, including those with LGBTQ+ genders and sexualities. I understand that oppressed identities inform our lives, relationships, and health, though they are not always the reasons we seek support. Whatever your reason for working together, I will offer you levity and encouragement for your journey as we create a relationship that is uniquely tailored to you.

Our Partnering Therapist

Masha Mikulinsky, MA, LPC

I am a queer/nonbinary bicultural somatic psychotherapist, clinical consultant, and social justice educator. I have over a decade of experience in the mental health field supporting queer/trans teens, young adults, and their loved ones. I support folks in using both body and mind to explore their place in the world, navigate layers of who and where they come from, and in getting creative about access to resilience, support, and play. 
I often work with folks navigating a multiplicity of non-neurotypical experiences of the world including complex trauma, chronic illness, and a range of psychiatric diagnoses. My recent experience includes working with refugees and immigrants in community mental health; with survivors of human trafficking; with young adults navigating complexities of homelessness, structural violence, substance use, and mental health issues on the streets of Denver; and with LGBTQIA+ kids and teens in educational and residential settings. Critical aspects of my work include: integrating an analysis and impact of structures of power/privilege/oppression, play, pathways for adaptive embodiment, and creative relationship with the more than human world.

I offer counseling and professional consultation in English, Russian, and Spanish and accept both private pay and Medicaid clients. 

To schedule or request a consultation, you can reach me at masha.mikulinsky@gmail.com

January 24, 2018