How To Be Queer

Ever wonder what happened to the kids in the 90’s that could never get out of the closet. Maybe trapped in there with old field hockey sticks and uniforms? Stories of flannels and baby white tank tops? Maybe a few “oops, I swear I was just tipsy stories”

It’s mid-life and you finally get the courage to say the words… yep, I’m queer… now what?! 

Welcome to How to Be Queer (after you pretended you were straight) a podcast about midlife and finally- FINALLY out of the closet!  Meet Alex, a human who finally got the words, non binary and transgender, at 40 years old and Kim, at 42 was finally able to say, I’m here and I am queer.

In each conversation, Kim (she/her) and Alex (they/them) talk about their experiences of coming out, gender identity, the importance of pronouns, sexuality, sex, queerness, allyship, parenting, family, vitamin T, social justice, healing, epic interviews with amazing humans and more discussion for LGBTQ advocacy.

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October 27, 2021