La Conextion

Gabrielle Rodriguez (she/her/hers) is a sober, queer, first-generation Latina that is dedicated to uplifting QTPOC/BIPOC voices and communities through advocacy in all areas of her life. Gabrielle is the Founder & Co-Creator of La Conextion, a Public Health graduate student, a certified Colorado Peer & Family Specialist, a Board Member for the Caring for Denver Foundation, public speaker, and consultant. 

Sober spaces co-created with, for, & by QTPOC to engage in individual & collective healing.

Our offerings do not require a commitment to be/remain sober, however, we do ask that when participating in our events & activities that you are mindful of your relationship to substances before & within our sober spaces. We ask that you enter our space(s) with the priority to build community, heal, and celebrate one another.

1:1 Support

We offer 1:1 support through pláticas (chats) with QT/BIPOC healers. 

If you need 1:1 support to discuss your relationship to substances, please reach out to We can conext you to the resources necessary for your path. 

Resource Conextion

La Conextion is consistently assessing our resource list in order to conext community with the best care. If you would like an advocate to accompany you to any of the resource conexts that we provide, let us know & we will make it happen.


We (co)host sober social gatherings, panel discussions that uplift QTPOC voices/experiences, healing circles, etc. We also have launched a QTPOC Letter Writing Collective. 

We welcome the QTPOC community to suggest events, discussion topics, & other events that you would like us to (co)host.

June 2, 2020